Job Location:  San Jose, CA

Job Duties:

  • Provide pre­sales and post­sales technical support for SoC design closure products.
  • Conduct evaluations, benchmarks, and product presentations.
  • Develop and integrate tool flows into customer environments.
  • Articulate customer issues to development team and provide solutions to customers.
  • Understand customer requirements and provide technical guidance to product engineering.
  • Document findings and solutions, and write application notes.
  • Provide training and tool support to customers.
  • Duties involve: digital implementation through ECOs, physical design and optimization. e.g. placement, routing, cell sizing, buffering, logic restructuring, etc. to improve timing and power using major EDA tools.

Job Requirements:      

  • MSEE + 2 yrs. post-graduate exp. in digital physical design & optimization and digital block integration & physical verification using major EDA tools such as Virtuosos; clock tree synthesis including concurrent clock optimization; RC extraction, chip finishing methodologies, functional ECO and standard cell library development.
  • Working knowledge of Perl/Tcl.

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