The world-wide COVID-19 pandemic makes event and conference infeasible. The committees of the Design Automation Conference decided to go virtual to protect the health and safety of conference participants in 2020. Empyrean Software kindly invites you to visit our virtual booth and check out technology breakthroughs in two of our core products:

Time: The 57th DAC virtual booths will be accessible to attendees starting Monday, July 20th, through Saturday, August 1st.

The Virtual Expo Hall will be open with live chat hours from 10:30 AM-1:30 PM PDT on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

  1. ALPS-GT, the EDA industry’s first GPU-powered SPICE simulator

We released Empyrean ALPS-GT in last year’s DAC and have gained great feedback from our user community in the past year. We are thrilled that ALPS-GT can greatly reduce customer’s design simulation time in advanced process node. That’s what keeps us innovating and bringing new technology to accelerate your design success. In this year’s DAC, we have worked with two customers presenting their work of using Empyrean ALPS-GT:

Using GPU to accelerate design verification of next-generation GPU, by Nvidia

Heterogeneous Computing SPICE for Analog/Mixed-Signal Simulation in High-Performance CPU Design, by Zhaoxin.

  1. Skipper, powerful layout analysis and chip finishing platform

Skipper has been adopted by many top design houses and IDMs. Xilinx has a Designer Track poster on how Skipper helps them solve IP integration challenges.

IP Integration Challenges of Domain-Specific Architectures on Programmable SoC Platforms, by Xilinx.

  1. Empyrean Polas is a layout-based reliability analysis product for power IC designs with comprehensive capabilities such as power path Rds(on) calculation and EM/IR-drop analysis, power MOSFET timing analysis and crosstalk analysis. In this year’s DAC, UPI has a poster presenting how Polas improves its power design performance.

High Power Converter Efficiency for Power Device Design, by UPI Semi.

Additionally, I want to invite you to check out our other products:

  • Empyrean XTop, an ultra-large capacity timing ECO tool, support 100M+ instances and 100+ scenarios; and it’s tape-out proven on latest FinFET process
  • Empyrean XTime, a SPICE accuracy timing analysis tool
  • Qualib, a process, and library analysis and validation solution

Please feel free to connect with our staff and they will do their best to answer your questions. Thank you so much and hope you have a fantastic DAC.