Empyrean RCExplorerFPD™

Empyrean RCExplorerFPD™ is a toolset for RC extraction based on an accurate 3D field solver. It offers a variety of RC simulation tools enabling the toolset to be used in a variety of FPD design applications.

  • RCExplorerFPD Pixel: RC extraction and analysis for pixel-level design. It integrates the 3D high accuracy RC simulation engine, supporting three kinds of boundary conditions, such as Cyclic/Mirror. The RC simulation results can be back annotated to layout for checking. Additionally, it provides a 3D viewer which can be used to check the 3D structure and cross-section view. Furthermore, it also can be used to analyze the electric field.
  • RCExplorerFPD TP: Touch Panel RC extraction and analysis tool based on 3D RC simulation engine.  It can be used to simulate the coupling capacitance in TP. It can support the automatic simulation for the finger. It supports the floating signal process. Also supported is the RC calculation of large-scale pattern for Incell TP design.
  • RCExplorerFPD EXT: transistor-level RC extraction writing out of a back annotated netlist for further analysis.
  • RCExplorerFPD CLC: liquid crystal capacitance analysis tool. It can be used for analyzing the liquid crystal capacitance in a sub-pixel and the charging rate in LCD design.
  • RCExplorerFPD PA: parasitic RC data analysis tool. It supports pin to pin resistance analysis and RC back marking display.


  • High accuracy, 3D model parasitic RC extraction
  • Multi-threaded improves speed and efficiency
  • Supports area capacitance mode
  • Supports liquid crystal capacitance calculation model
  • Supports gate on the capacitance calculation model
  • Supports electric field analysis using 3D structures
  • 3D Viewer supports cross-section view of 3D structures
  • Supports large-scale parasitic RC extraction in Incell TP design
  • Seamlessly embedded into AetherFPD tool