Empyrean AetherFPD™LEAD

Empyrean AetherFPD™ LEAD has advanced editing features such as Import/Export DXF, Section View, Seal Slot, Mosaic, Shot Recipe File. You can use Import/Export DXF for data conversion between different tools. The Section View feature enables analyzing the cross-section view of the layout. The Seal Slot feature can quickly calculate the slot shape calculation and generate the final slot layer on the given area.
AetherFPD LEAD provides more powerful routing features, including Advanced ERR, PLG and Ladder Routing. The Advanced ERR feature can route in seal layer area, supporting no snake routing, and routing by the aperture in a given area to assure enough light transmittance to make the frame seal solidified enough. The Advanced ERR also has a feature to make snake shapes as sub-cells which will reduce data size. Furthermore, the odd/even no snake routing can fit the special design requirement.
The PLG feature is widely adopted in large or medium-size panel designs. The Ladder Routing feature can efficiently save the area of the frame that leads to this feature widely applied in the design of Touch Panel.
AetherFPD LEAD supports Variable Cell. It also supports the SDL (Schematic Driven Layout) technology, which helps the engineers to finish the layout design of the control circuit, while guaranteeing following the design rules and the connections are correct.


  • Supports advanced routing feature: Advanced ERR
  • Supports PLG routing and automatically Seal Slot
  • Supports Variable Cells and SDL (Schematic Driven Layout)
  • Supports automatically Seal Slot, Section View analysis
  • Supports larger size panel’s Mosaic and Split Panel