Empyrean Software provides a complete one-stop solution with analog/mixed-signal IC design platform (Empyrean Aether), high-performance parallel circuit simulator (Empyrean ALPS), waveform viewer (iWave), high-performance high precision physical verification (Empyrean Argus™) and large-capacity parasitic extraction( Empyrean RCExplorer™). Aether, based on Open Access, supports industry-standard iPDK for smooth conversion with customers’ original design data. ALPS, high-performance parallel circuit simulator, is the best choice for post-simulation of large-scale circuits, especially in advanced processes, to help users significantly reduce product development cycles. Argus accelerates physical verification with customized rules and debugging utilities. RCExplorer enables layout parasitic extraction, provides DSPF analysis, point-to-point resistance, EM/IR analysis, power device reliability analysis, and other applications to help users thoroughly analyze the impact of parasitic effects on the design.