Empyrean AetherFPD™ LE

Empyrean AetherFPD™ LE allows a user to create or edit arbitrary geometric shapes, including Create, Copy, Move, Stretch, Chop, Align operation. It can create rectangle, polygon, circle quickly and achieve logical operations such as AND/OR/NOT/XOR. Operations such as Split, Trace Net, Auto Report, etc. are supported to improve layout design efficiency.
AetherFPD LE can support 4mX4m layout edit area to satisfy the requirement of Ultra-Generation Mask design.
AetherFPD LE’s instance magnification function allows users to directly size instances.
AetherFPD LE supports abundant routing functions, including ERR, MSR, WOA, etc., for improving the design efficiency of the panel layout. ERR can satisfy resistance requirements of large size panel; MSR can reduce routing space of small size panel, WOA supplies a perfect resolution for small size panel.


  • Supports powerful create and edit functions to efficiently complete hierarchical design
  • Supports 4mX4m layout edit area to satisfy the requirement of Ultra-Generation Mask design
  • Supports instance magnification
  • Supports powerful path creation to achieve single or multi-layer jumping operation
  • Supports powerful parser for label creation
  • Align function enables better layout placement
  • Find/Replace allows easy replacement of objects in batch mode
  • Equal Resistivity Routing function and the unique etching enhancement options enable better narrow frame design
  • Allows efficient job file creation using extraction and checking of marked coordinates and Abstract Views