Empyrean Software is Showcasing Two New Products at DAC 2019

  • ALPS-GT, industry’s first commercial GPU-powered SPICE simulation system delivering 10X+ performance gain
  • Qualib-AI, AI-powered timing arc prediction for large IPs, increasing the coverage of arcs and eliminating additional silicon iterations

We invite you to visit us at booth 651 and check out our new products and listen to three of our major customers present their experience with our portfolio of solutions.

Customer Presentations in Empyrean’s Booth

  1. Challenges of Back-End Integration – Leading semiconductor company in the FPGA business
  2. Accelerating Timing ECO – Leading fabless semiconductor company in the communications space in China
  3. Timing Arc Prediction – Leading semiconductor company in the cloud gaming business


Booth:  651 (Floorplan)

Date:    June 3-5, 2019

Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center


In addition, Empyrean’s customers, NVIDIA and UNISOC are presenting papers in DAC’s Designer Track. Here are the details:

Designer Track Papers

  • Paper ID: 268-TQ718

        An Effective Method to Accelerate Timing ECO for Large Scale Hierarchical DVFS Designs

By UNISOC and Empyrean Software

  • Paper ID: 268-WC54

     Machine Learning Based Timing Arc Prediction for AMS Designs

By NVIDIA and Empyrean Software