Empyrean Software provides customers professional analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits, Intellectual Property Cores, and technical support services. With the goal of establishing “the most comprehensive and reliable domestic high-end integrated circuit IP library”, we have gathered a group of excellent teams composed of domestic experts, professors, senior design engineers, excellent management and professional marketing & sales personnel. Empyrean Software has formed strategic partnerships with a number of foundries and integrated circuit design companies.

While providing IP products, Empyrean Software pays more attention to technical support services for customers’ SOC design. On one hand, the intellectual property core can be tailored according to customer requirements. In addition, the IP teams of Empyrean Software has rich experiences in IP and SoC product design and after-sales services. These precious experiences can help customers better integrate IP, optimize design plan for mass production, reduce the risks of product development, shorten the time to market, and maximize the return on investment.

The IP business unit of Empyrean Software has grown rapidly. Through cooperation with customers, we have accumulated a number of independent intellectual property rights, based on the mainstream process (0.25um to 28nm) IP, including Clock, ADC, DAC, PMU, High Speed Interface, Video, Audio, I/O, etc.. All of those IPs have been verified on silicon and used by a number of domestic and foreign integrated circuit design companies.