Skipper® is an efficient easy-to-use layout analysis and chip integration tool. In Skipper®, you can view GDS layout greater than 1TB in size, while using the smallest memory footprint. Supported data formats include GDS, OASIS, LEF/DEF, MEBES. Skipper supports both GUI and Tcl-based environments. Tcl APIs allow easy integration into existing flows. Skipper’s chip integration and layout analysis enable faster and better design tape-out.

Skipper® integrates with mainstream DRC and LVS tools to deliver seamless layout analysis and debugging in your design flow.  Skipper’s built-in resistance calculator extracts point-to-point(P2P) equivalent resistance of a given net in a layout, computes the current density for better ESD path design and IR/EM analysis. Built-in P/G net tracing and short detection are valuable capabilities for designers of advanced process designs.

Skipper’s optimized multi-threaded algorithm and unique data structure enable the industry’s fastest layout read speed. A proprietary layout sharing technology enables 100X faster loading of design data in spite of the hardware IO limitations. Skipper® is an ideal platform for merging GDS and OASIS layouts, editing of layout, generation of isolated views, highlighting and saving nets and other data manipulation functions. Essentially, Skipper offers powerful chip-level layout analysis in a user-friendly environment.