Empyrean ALPS-LMC™

As the process progresses to 16 nm and below, the process variations become more pronounced, and it severely impacts the quality and yield of chip designs. Monte Carlo analysis has become an essential part of design verification to ensure the design yield. However, the traditional Monte Carlo analysis method requires a large number of simulation samples for statistical analysis, and the time cost cannot meet the design requirements.
The Empyrean ALPS-LMC™ is a new generation of ultra-fast 3-sigma Monte Carlo analysis tools designed for 3-sigma accuracy. ALPS-LMC™ uses the unique SAT technology and embedded ALPS SPICE engine to calculate the probability distribution function (PDF) at the fastest speed. Compared with the traditional Monte Carlo analysis scheme, the performance improved by more than 1000 times, and the distribution average error is less than 1%, the standard deviation is less than 2%. There is also a 20-50X performance improvement over fast Monte Carlo analysis.