Empyrean EmapFPD™

Empyrean EmapFPD™ tools provide advanced analysis of mask simulation including Exposure  Analysis, MRC Check, Split Panel, Mosaic Analysis. Also provides the Job File tools.

  • EmapFPD-EA (Exposure Analysis): shot analysis is used to check the shot to avoid errors in the photo process.
  • EmapFPD-MRC (Mark Rule Check): marks in the layout are checked for compliance with rules to ensure there is no mark loss or clearance error in layout.
  • EmapFPD-SP (Split Panel): supports cutting panel layout to produce different shot mask layout, including Split Panel. Built into it is the capability to invoke Mosaic Analysis.
    • Mosaic Analysis: creates random mosaic cells around the split line for the Shots of the AA array. Each shot has its own mosaic cells.
  • EmapFPD-Job File: automatically extracts thumbnails according to the user’s excel template, creates vectors without distortion for insertion into the excel table. Automatically extracts the mark coordinates, fills the content in the table, greatly improving the extraction efficiency and quality of process documents.


  • Supports mark rule and clearance checks
  • Enables cutting width 0 Path
  • Supports repeat cutting area
  • Supports array cut with auto-creation of cells and the results remaining hierarchical
  • Supports the creation of special structures such as IPS into a mosaic
  • Enables yield improvement through the dislocation of mosaic and subpixel outline, to make the cutout parts staggered graphically
  • Allows use of process template technology-based keywords
  • Supports vector-based thumbnails
  • Supports template-based fully automatic data extraction and filling of the process documents