Empyrean Argus

The increasing scale of design and process complexity require more innovated physical verification. The adoption of arc shape design in power and CIS(CMOS Image Sensor) design also impacts the accuracy of traditional physical verification tools.

Empyrean Argus™ is a next-generation nanoscale parallel physical verification solution. For the power class design, it can perform high-precision inspection and device extraction on an arc and any angle rotation graphics to ensure manufacturing and simulation accuracy. For CIS class design, performance can be improved by array reconstruction technology, which is significantly reduced by pattern recognition technology. The redundant violations can also be greatly reduced by pattern recognition technology. Argus can be seamlessly integrated into the IC design platform Empyrean Aether™, and Skipper® platform. It can help layout designers quickly locate layout design errors and accelerate verification through easy-to-use debugging features for a shorter design cycle.