Empyrean ALPSTM

(Fast, High-Capacity Parallel SPICE Simulator)

Empyrean ALPS delivers SPICE-level accuracy with excellent performance and capacity for the most challenging analog and mixed-signal designs. This tool can simulate design with up to 10 million instances.

Compared to traditional SPICE tools, Empyrean ALPS has significant performance speedup and gained additional speedup with its advanced parallel technique. For post-layout simulation, Empyrean ALPS delivers breakthrough technology – SMS (smart matrix solver, patent pending) to significantly improve performance without accuracy loss.

Key Features

• Accuracy - as accurate as true SPICE
• Capacity - large designs with over 10 million devices
• Smart Matrix Solver for post-layout simulation
• Seamlessly works with leading custom design platforms

Key Benefit

• Superior Run Time with SPICE Accuracy
• Fast Lane to post-layout simulation