Empyrean Software offers high performance and low power Analog/Mixed-signal IPs and design service, aims to build the " High-end IP Platform" with outstanding talents and experts.

Empyrean Software has formed a strategy partnership with major foundries on the process from 250nm to 28nm, with Clock, ADC, DAC, PMU, High Speed Interface, Audio, Video, Touch Panel, I/O, etc. The IPs can be widely used in the wireless communication, smart home, entertainment system, electronic measurement and aerospace, etc.

Besides of the IPs, Empyrean Software also provides design service to customize and optimize the IP merging, and reduce the risk of development, shorten the time-to-market. 

 Design Service:

  • Analog/Mixed Signal IP Design Service

                   Customization, Migration , Analog Design Service and Turn-key

  • Memory Compiler Service

                  Signal Port/Dual Port High Density, High Performance, Low Power SRAM, Multi-Port Register File

  • Standard Cell Library Service
  • Physical Design Service

                From Netlist to GDSII

Supported Silicon Foundries:

  • TSMC
  • UMC
  • SMIC
  • HLMC