In today’s advanced designs, with the number of clocks and domains growing rapidly, the complexity of clock analysis and optimization has exploded. Typically, a front-end team generates clock constraints which are seldom CTS-aware, resulting in higher clock latency and buffer count.ClockExplorer provides a platform for both front-end and back-end teams. It provides comprehensive clock check within a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) system, which help designer review the clock structure, ensure and improve the CTS quality. 

  • Front-end: Validate and sign-off SDC and clock design using comprehensive clock analysis 
  • Back-end: Analyze, optimize and generate constraints for better CTS

Key Features

  • One-click clock analysis and diagnosis platform with KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
  • Powerful clock schematic and cone schematic display
  • Comprehensive clock design check for both preCTS and postCTS stage
  • Clock constraint generation for better CTS strategy


  • Quickly have a clear understanding of clock structure
  • Effective to get better CTS strategy for higher clock synthesis quality
  • Easy to know bottleneck of CTS result and reduce clock design cycle
  • Lowers design power and clock OCV
  • Accelerates timing closure process