San Jose, Oct. 8, 2018 — Empyrean Software (Empyrean), a leading provider of SoC design closure solutions in China, today announced that Renesas Electronics Corporation, a leading MCU/SoC supplier in various markets, has selected Empyrean’s ClockExplorer, a rule-based clock analysis and optimization platform for better clock design quality.

Along with more and more complicated SoC designs, more scenarios have been integrated into advanced designs. The number of clocks is also increasing as the design technology advances. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see thousands of clocks for a design. An inappropriate clock design often can lead to higher power and area cost, more design iterations, and may even miss the time-to-market window.

ClockExplorer is aimed at reducing the design cycle and getting better clock design quality. It has the most powerful clock schematic to help designers to sort out clock structures and to make better CTS strategy. The clock KPI (Key Performance Indicator) system, which integrates comprehensive and practical clock analysis features, can help designers to evaluate the clock design quality at every design stage, to discover the bottlenecks, and to improve the clock design quality.

“Recent advanced designs have complicated clock structures to achieve higher performance and lower power consumption, which makes it hard to detect the clock problems in a short period of time. ClockExplorer can help to report Clock KPI in various design stages such as pre-Place, pre-CTS, and post-CTS, with helpful numerical scores to indicate the quality of clock structure. This has enabled us to avoid issues that could have arisen in the later stages and enhance our product quality.”, said Kazuhiro Takahashi, Senior Principal Engineer of the Digital Design Technology Department, Shared R&D Division 2, Broad-based Solution Business Unit at Renesas Electronics Corporation.

“We are very excited to see Renesas improved design efficiency by using Empyrean’s clock analysis and optimization solution. The adoption of ClockExplorer has further proved Empyrean’s superior technologies on design closure. We expect it to pave the way for deeper cooperation between Renesas and Empyrean”, said Kevin Wu, Senior VP of Empyrean.

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