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Empyrean Polas® Assists Willsemi in IC Design Reliability

Beijing,China — June 29, 2022 — Empyrean Technology, an Electronic Design Automation (EDA) leader in China, today announced that  OmniVision Group - Will Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (SH: 603501) (hereinafter referred to as "Willsemi"), a world-leading Chinese semiconductor design company and a major supplier of power management ICs and discrete devices, has adopted Empyrean Polas® as its reliability analysis solution to make its product designs more reliable and rational.

As a layout-based reliability and rationality analysis tool for IC and discrete device designs, Empyrean Polas® provides a comprehensive and systematic analysis solution based on PCB and packaging designs.

In terms of power management IC design, it enables engineers to comprehensively check the core IC components for performance reliability through the power MOSFET on-resistance Rdson analysis (including inter-connection, PCB, and package), on-path EM/IR-drop analysis, MOSFET turn-on signal delay and signal integrity analysis, etc. Empyrean Polas® also helps analyze the IC PDN network, critical path network resistance, and EM/IR-drop for further design optimization.

"As the design complexity increases, power design scenarios are becoming trickier than ever," said Jianhui Lin, R&D Director of OmniVison Analog Integrated Circuit (Beijing) Limited, a subsidiary of Willsemi. "In addition to single tubes, a variety types of multi-tube series are involved in the designs. Empyrean Polas® provides a practical reference for such complex designs through the Rdson and EM analyses. It displays the Rdson and EM/IR-drop analysis results by net and layer, and the PAD current of the EM analysis, helping us discover connection issues, PAD distribution issues, and reliability issues, as well as improve reliability with decreased redundancy, optimized layout, and more compact IC design." 

In terms of discrete device design, Empyrean Polas® enables engineers to calculate the on-resistance Rdson under various process scenarios and analyze the reliability and rationality of the conductor layer, PCB, and packaging designs, providing a reference for the device and layout design, testing, and packaging solutions.
"In the traditional design process of discrete devices, the on-resistance of whole chip and probe bin under different process parameters were designed by continuous tape-out and multiple-version probe bin, resulting in prolonged R&D with higher costs. Moreover, it was difficult to get the desired results due to differences in wafers and tests," said Jianxin Dong, MOS Device Design Manager of Willsemi, "Thanks to Empyrean Polas®, a reliability and rationality analysis tool for discrete device designs, we can simulate the on-resistance of the entire IC under various process parameters in the layout stage to improve the reliability solution and estimate the test results under different test pins. With this solution, we have completed the parameter adaptation of several dozens of products, controlling the deviation from the test data within 3% and the overall deviation within 5%. Now this solution has been integrated into the main design process to reduce the workload in tape-outs and pin manufacturing, enabling us to complete R&D with lower costs." 
"As a world leader in semiconductors, Willsemi is committed to improving the quality of life with eco-friendly and easy-to-use products," said Gang Ji, Director and Senior VP of Willsemi, "With an innovative concept and an open mind, we focus on independent research & development and have exerted a huge influence on the fields of mobile phones, computers, televisions, communications, security, vehicles, wearables, medical care, etc. The easy-to-use and practical Empyrean Polas® meets our needs: It not only resolves our design pain points, but also accelerates product launch more safely while saving R&D and production costs. Therefore, what happened between Willsemi and Empyrean is win-win cooperation."

Talen Lu, Deputy General Manager of Empyrean Technology, also expressed his confidence in this cooperation, "Empyrean Polas® is a unique solution in Empyrean's analog/mixed-signal IC design product line. We are happy to be recognized by Willsemi. Our cooperation has brought together excellent analog design engineers and software development engineers from both sides to customize an innovative solution based on the design pain points of Willsemi and the technical characteristics of our products. This solution has accelerated the product iteration of Willsemi with lower costs, and explored more possibilities for Polas. We look forward to empowering Willsemi in more fields."

About Empyrean Technology
Empyrean Technology, founded in 2009, is an EDA and services provider to the global semiconductor industry.
In the EDA domain, Empyrean Technology provides complete solution for analog design, digital SoC solution, complete solution for flat panel display design and foundry EDA solution, and provides EDA related services such as foundry design enablement services.
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About Willsemi
OmniVision Group - Will Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (SH: 603501) is a global leading IC design company in China. With worldwide Research & Development centers and business networks, OmniVision’s headquarter is located in Shanghai and annual shipment is 12.3 billion+. By delivering Sensor Solutions, Analog Solutions as well as Touch and Display Solutions, OmniVision Group is committed to helping customers in mobile, security, automotive, wearable devices, IoT, computing, consumer electronics, industry and medical to solve technical challenges and meeting increasing demands for artificial intelligence (AI) and green energy. Find out more at

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