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Empyrean Aether™ – Schematic and Layout Design Environment

Complete Custom IC Design Environment

Empyrean Aether™ provides a full-custom IC schematic and layout design environment that empowers designers to create cutting-edge custom ICs.

Empyrean Aether™ Schematic Editor (Empyrean Aether™ SE) is the design environment for custom design. Aether SE enhances design productivity and supports real-time ERC checking, net highlighting, schematic vs schematic, and simulation note text to set more simulator operators for extra results than a normal simulation flow. 

Empyrean Aether™ Layout Editor (Empyrean Aether™ LE) tool provides a comprehensive set of tools to accelerate hierarchical custom layouts. Aether LE supports both custom and schematic-driven layouts, fly lines, dimming, ECO checks, and checks from the schematic. Aether LE is based on the OpenAccess standard data format and supports the industry-standard iPDKs.
As a custom AMS design environment, Empyrean Aether™ seamlessly integrates the Empyrean ALPS® suite of simulators, physical verification Empyrean Argus™, and parasitic extraction tool Empyrean RCExplorer™ to provide a smooth, highly efficient flow that reduces risk and improves time-to-market.


Key Benefits

Accelerate Custom IC Design

 Flexible Setup and Configuration – to meet your full custom IC design needs

 Seamless Integration – with the Empyrean suite of analysis and verification solutions

 Real-time ERC Checking – Hierarchical ERC check

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