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Advanced Packaging Design Solution

Empyrean Technology has released two EDA solutions for advanced packaging design—the auto-router Empyrean Storm and the physical verification tool Empyrean Argus-PKG.

  • The auto-router Empyrean Storm supports the industry's most dominant silicon-based and organic RDL processes for advanced packaging. Featuring large-scale interconnection routing between multiple chips, high-density escape routing, and large-area power and ground plane routing, Empyrean Storm can significantly improve design efficiency of advanced packaging layout, solve the pain point issue of extremely low efficiency of large-scale layout routing in the process of advanced packaging design, and provide assistance in automating the routing for advanced packaging design.
  • Powered by advanced technologies such as irregular layout handling, tolerance processing, heterogeneous multi-chip integration, and system connection relationship check, Empyrean Argus-PKG has improved traditional physical verification tools and successfully solved bottleneck issues such as too many spurious errors and low efficiency encountered during the process of advanced packaging design, thus significantly improved the accuracy and efficiency of physical verification for advanced packaging design.

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