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Empyrean Technology Launches Empyrean Patron®, a High-Performance Transistor-Level Power Integrity Analysis Solution

Beijing,China — July 13, 2022 —Empyrean Technology, an industry-leading Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and service provider, today launched Empyrean Patron®, a high-performance transistor-level power integrity analysis solution, at the Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2022. Empyrean Patron® empowers IC designers to efficiently generate accurate, comprehensive, and reliable EM/IR data and report various EM/IR issues. As an important application built on top of a comprehensive EDA tool suite of Empyrean Technology for analog IC design, Empyrean Patron® satisfies the urgent needs of IC designers as one of the industrial leading EM/IR analysis solutions.

Michael Zhang, Division Manager at Diodes Incorporated (Diodes), a global semiconductor manufacturer, said, "Diodes has conducted an evaluation on Empyrean Patron®. It features a simple, user-friendly, and graphics interface for pre-configuration and result display. It runs much faster in the actual design than our current tool set. What's more, thanks to Empyrean Technology's existing simulation acceleration technology, the larger the size of our chips, the more remarkable the acceleration effect. Empyrean Patron® enables our engineers to quickly upload the analysis results to the built-in chip inspection platform for result highlighting and sorting. Its unique Probe On feature also facilitates users to prompt and display analysis results for review. These back-annotation features of the tool save our engineers time, give direct and visual message as compared to other legacy tools. As for service, we can get timely and efficient application support from Empyrean Technology's expert team  at any time."

Moore’s Law and Post-Moore Law are driving the IC industry to integrate increasing number of transistors into same or shrunk size chips. Chip area left for in-chip instances and interconnects becomes limited and precious. The challenges of electromigration and IR-drop (EM/IR) will be overwhelming for low voltage design, IoT design, and automotive electronic products. Meanwhile, the advanced nodes need thermal-aware EM analysis due to the sensitivity of device/metal heating effect.

As a transistor-level power integrity analysis solution, Empyrean Patron® features dynamic EM/IR, self-heating effect, and multi-state EM/IR analysis. It also features a lightweight, easy-to-configure, user-friendly, and visualized interface that supports layout back-annotation of all power integrity analysis results in an intuitive and fast fashion. Powered by Empyrean ALPS® SPICE simulator and supported by Smart Matrix Solver technology, Empyrean Patron® runs 2 times faster than traditional tools. Its directive mode ensures zero accuracy loss for high-precision EM/IR analysis, while its patented iterative mode reduces turnaround time for high-performance EM/IR analysis.

Vincent Dong, Deputy General Manager of Empyrean Technology, explained, "Empyrean Patron® improves Empyrean Technology comprehensive design solution offering for designs of large-scale analog circuits. The great success at Diodes leads to the official introduction of Empyrean Patron® to all IC designers at the premier global electronic design automation conference DAC and we encourage them to  evaluate this outstanding  EM/IR analysis solution."

About Empyrean Technology
Empyrean Technology, founded in 2009, is an EDA and service provider to the global semiconductor industry.
In the EDA domain, Empyrean Technology provides complete solution for analog design, digital SoC solutions, complete solution for flat panel display design and foundry EDA solution, and provides EDA related services such as foundry design enablement services.
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