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Complete Solution for Analog Design

Empyrean Technology provides a complete solution for analog IC design:

  • Empyrean Aether is a platform for analog IC design with capabilities such as schematic and layout editing and seamlessly integrated with SPICE simulator Empyrean ALPS, physical verification tool Empyrean Argus, parasitic RC extraction tool Empyrean RCExplorer and reliability analysis tool Empyrean Polas.
  • Empyrean ALPS is a high-performance parallel SPICE simulator. It’s an ideal solution for large-scale post-layout circuit simulation.
  • Empyrean ALPS-GT is a heterogeneous SPICE simulator using CPU and GPU for acceleration. It further improves post-layout circuit simulation and helps reduce design cycle.
  • Empyrean Argus is a physical verification tool includes DRC/LVS. It can help improve verification quality and efficient.
  • Empyrean RCExplorer supports transistor level and standard cell level postlayout extraction for analog designs. It also supports point-to-point RC analysis and timing delay analysis.
  • Empyrean Polas is a reliability analysis solution for Power IC design.

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