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Foundry EDA Solution

With technology improvements, manufacturing complexity is getting higher. EDA tools are becoming more important for the improvement of manufacturing yield and the construction of process platforms. Empyrean Technology provides device model extraction Empyrean XModel, IBIS modeling Empyrean Demeter, mask composition Empyrean Mage, memory compiler solution Empyrean SMCB, standard cell characterization Empyrean Liberal, memory characterization Empyrean Liberal-Mem, mixed-signal IP characterization Empyrean Liberal-IP, standard cell library and IP validation Empyrean Qualib, layout integration and analysis Empyrean Skipper, and complete solution for analog design.

  • Empyrean Demeter is the IBIS modeling tool. It provides a complete solution to all steps including IBIS model extraction, integrated, syntax check and accuracy verification, and is widely used in model extraction of various buffers, dynamic random-access memory, SerDes, AD/DA converter, etc.
  • Empyrean Mage provides a comprehensive and efficient solution for lithography mask composition and design. It is capable of composing chips as many as possible into a single maximum exposure area of the lithography machine, thereby reducing exposure times and machine wear and tear and optimizing wafer layout to achieve the highest wafer utilization.



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