Empyrean Polas™

How to accurately simulate the working state of power ICs and improve their reliability and yield has always been a challenge for power IC designers. The traditional RC extraction method cannot meet the Power IC designers’ need. The power ICs often use special shapes that have a large area, and sometimes their layout passes DRC/LVS check but still may not function correctly. It usually takes a long time to do accurate power and current simulations for power ICs by using traditional RC extraction methods and simulators, leading to in-depth analysis and debugging iterations. As a result, it is difficult to predict the performance, reliability of power ICs. It leads to higher design risk and long product development cycles.
Empyrean Polas™ is a reliability analysis tool for power IC. Polas™ provides comprehensive capabilities such as Rds(on) calculation, EM/IR-drop analysis, power MOSFET timing analysis, crosstalk analysis, and reliability rule checking. As a new member of Empyrean’s AMS product line, Polaris is an effective and one-stop solution for power IC designs, and it allows designers to sign off and safeguard the quality of their designs.