Empyrean EsimFPD™

Empyrean EsimFPD™ includes a Schematic Editor (SE), a state-of-the-art simulator (ALPS), a waveform viewer (iWave) and model extraction (Model).

  • EsimFPD SE: an east to use Schematic Editor supporting the design of hierarchical circuits.
  • EsimFPD ALPS: state-of-the-art simulation technology with unprecedented simulation speed. Supports tens of millions of transistors with True SPICE accuracy. Seamlessly integrated into EsimFPD SE. Supports power analysis and full panel simulation with SPICE level accuracy using CASCADE mode.
  • EsimFPD iWave: the waveform viewer is an analog and mixed-signal SPICE Explorer and Wave View analyzer, providing the display of simulation results along with, measurement, calculation, edit and save operations. Also supports multi-panel waveform display, waveform stack, waveform conversions (A-D, D-A) and wave comparison.
  • EsimFPD Model: the model extractor supports the extraction of HMI and RPI model cards.


  • Support loop circuit for easy creation of hierarchical circuits
  • Easy symbol generation
  • High-Performance SPICE simulator, compatible with a-Si/LTPS/IGZO/OLED model
  • Enables fast full panel simulation using cascade mode
  • Multi-core parallel simulation ensures performance including power analysis
  • Support the display of massive simulation results
  • Supports the extraction of a-Si/LTPS/IGZO/OLED/Micro-LED/Photodiode  HMI model
  • Supports extraction of Binning, Corner, Stress and Lifetime models
  • Supports model analysis and quality assurance
  • Equal Resistivity Routing function and the unique etching enhancement options enable better narrow frame design
  • Supports quick and effective Job File creation by extracting and checking mark coordinates and abstract view functions