Empyrean AetherFPD™ LEXP

Empyrean AetherFPD™ LEXP supports X Panel layout design. LEXP targets the special design requirements of panels for consumer electronics, such as a watch, mobile phone, automobile dashboard, etc.. LEXP can place pixels in X Panel AA outline; also can place modules such as GOA and MUX around the placed pixels, and other modules with orthogonal/rotation mode. Built-in River Routing is used between AA and modules, or among modules, and designed to automatically avoid obstacles. Furthermore, Rail Routing enables narrow Fanout routing to the X-outline. The LEXP features allow a designer to easily improve design efficiency and achieve a narrow frame design.


  • Places pixels in X-outline by using pixels arrays
  • Auto-detects X Panel’s ladder supporting different kinds of placement schemes
  • Can change the placement’s constraints according to the ladder used
  • Rotates cell at any angle along the outline
  • Supports ‘By turning first’ and ‘By via first’ to avoid obstacles
  • Supports seamless connections between rotating units
  • Provides tight Fanout wiring along the inside/outside of the guideline
  • Supports accurate capacitance compensation for notch regions